University Foundation Program

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  • The University Foundation Program offers you the opportunity to qualify for entry to Brazilian universities.


    Duration and Program Dates


    The Program normally starts in January and ends around mid-october right before ENEM. Between April and June VIA MUNDO will help you to apply for the Exam.


    The results of the Exam are normally published in January (next year) and that is when you will have to choose courses/Univeristies to apply for. When accepted, you will have to travel to the city of the univeristy in order to proceed with enrollment. You can also apply again with the same results for the semester starting in August (following year).

  • During approximately 10 months, you will improve your abilities in Portuguese as well as study the mandatory Brazilian high school curriculum, preparing for the Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio (ENEM), the High School National Exam.



    In order to join the Program, you must meet the following requirements:


    • be at least 18 years-old
    • have finished High School in home country
    • be in good health and have the personal skills to live an intercultural experience (such as responsibility, flexibility, and open-mindedness)
  • "Curso Preparatório" (Cram School)


    You will study in a Curso Preparatório which is a Cram School focused on preparation for ENEM. Lessons usually take place from Monday to Friday, with occasional exam simulations at weekends.


    ENEM - National High School Exam 


    ENEM is the admission exam for most of the public and private universities in Brazil (some institutions still apply the old entrance exam, called Vestibular). You can take the exam in the city where you live and then choose among Universities all over the country, according to your passing grade.


    The examination consists of four shares, each one with 45 multiple-choise questions, as well as of a text compostition. It takes place on a Saturday and on a Sunday, normally at the month of October. The 4 shares are: Human sciences and its technologies (History, Geography, Sociology, and Philosophy); Natural Sciences and its technologies (Chemistry, Biology, and Physics); Maths and its technologies (Maths); Language Codes and its technologies (Portuguese, Foreign Language - English or Spanish -, Arts, and PE).




    You are usually hosted at a Brazilian homestay, where you will have your daily meals. Also, this is the best way to practice and faster improve the language. You can also chose to live in a differente type of accommodation (residence, shared rented flat or hotel) according to availability.


    Local Coordinator


    Throughout the Program, you will be assisted by a Local Coordinator, who will give you full support and guidance. In case of any emergency, you may call our 24/7 emergency phone.

  • Optional Trips and Activities


    Throughout the program, there will be optional activities which include: culture, sports, leisure or social projects/events, such as: dancing lessons, soccer, beach volleyball, kite surf, Capoeira, social projects, percussion workshops, visits to the historical center, museums etc.


    In addition, Via Mundo organizes special trips to fantastic destinations around Brazil such as: Rio de Janeiro; the Amazon Forest; the Northeastern coast; among others (Access TRAVEL for more information). These trips take place during long holidays. This way your study plans are not disrupted and you can relax a little bit.


    Application Process


    Candidates must fill out the Application Form through a partner agency in home country or directly with Via Mundo’s office (in case there is not a partner agency in student’s country). After receiving the Application Form, the Program team will review it, check for pending information and issue acceptance and placement letters for visa purposes.


    Visa Application


    Brazilian government requires a temporary visa for studies in the country. Visa requirements must be confirmed at a Brazilian Consulate/Embassy in student’s home country. Via Mundo will issue some of the necessary documents for visa application and send them to its partner agency or to you in advance.


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