São Luís and the National Park of "Lençóis Maranhenses"

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    São Luís, located in an island, is the capital of Maranhão. Drenched in sunshine and nestled along the coastline of northeatern Brazil, it is a city filled with color and life. With a rich history and cultural traditions, it offers its visitors nice experiences in many ways. Enjoy the beach, the popular festivities, the historic buildings of the city center (because of which the city is a UNESCO heritage site), and the easygoing way of life of its people.


    Three hours away from São Luís, the National Park of "Lençóis Maranhenses" was elected the first natural wonder of Brazil. An oasis with white sand dunes measuring up 40m high and surrounded by crystal clear blue lagoons formed by rain water. A unique ecosystem along 155 thousand acres that go far as the eyes can reach: lazy rivers, sea, mangrove, forest, and tropical biodiversity, all together waiting for your visit.


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