Internship Program in Brazil

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  • The Internship Program In Brazil aims to offer international university students a meaningful training experience in a Brazilian organization/institution, in order to supplement and improve academic knowledge.


    Brazilian organizations/institutions also benefit from and learn with an academically well qualified student coming from a different cultural environment.

  • In Latin America, Brazil is a major commercial partner for most countries in the world. Besides, many international organizations have opened branches in Brazil or are developing partnerships with Brazilian organizations, which are offering qualified workers from all over the world promising careers.

  • For 18+ University students who would like to have practical experience besides studying.

  • Enrollment in a University is mandatory to be able to take an internship experience in Brazil. Any participant of our UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE PROGRAM can take an internship.


    Internships are usually paid (Brazilian minimum salary) and are offered in different fields, not necessarily connected to the student's field of studies.

  • In order to join the Internship Program, learn more about our UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE PROGRAM.


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