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School-To-School in Brazil

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  • The School-To-School Program is a short-term program operated in partnership with foreign and Brazilian schools. It offers students and teachers the opportunity to experience Brazil in a different and accessible way!


    Duration and Program Start 


    Students and teachers usually travel during their school breaks and while Brazilian schools are normally operating. A specific period as well as the length of the Program will be agreed between the schools involved.However, the program typically lasts between two and two and half weeks.


    The Brazilian academic year starts in Late January/early February and ends in Mid-December with a one-month holiday period in July and a nearly two-month holiday period in December/January. Participants usually come between the months of March and May or between September and November.

  • Participants join school activities, live with local host families and follow a rich program of activities including trips, cultural visits, sports etc.


    Some students choose to take part in the program as a way to get to know Brazil better before deciding to apply for a long-term program.

  • Students from 12 years-old can take part in the Program. Usually they come from the same school and belong to the same or to close levels of study. Knowing Portuguese is not mandatory. The Program is offered for groups of students + chaperones (teachers).

  • Host School


    Brazilian Host School will be selected by Via Mundo among its partners and will be able to welcome students either from Elementary or High School. Participants will join both regular classes and specially-designed activities for the visiting group. In Brazil, schools can be public or private. The federal public and the private schools offer the best quality education. Via Mundo places students in private schools and federal public institutes, all of them recognized by their good level of education and structure.




    Participants will be most probably hosted with Brazilian families from the same school they will attend. Sometimes, other families also join the Program. Our homestays are carefully selected. Besides taking part in the family's routine, having the basic meals, the participants will also be able to learn and speak some basic Portuguese with their hosts. This is the best way to immerse in the local culture!


    Activity Schedule


    Besides school activities and family interaction, the participants will follow a diverse activity schedule as to experience some aspects from the local culture. These activities may include: dancing lessons, soccer, beach volleyball, surf, kite surf, Capoeira, social projects, arts or percussion workshops, visits to the historical center, to museums etc. Participants also have some Portuguese lessons in order to get more acquainted with the language and be able to hold basic dialogues in Portuguese (introduce themselves, say "hi", thank, ask about one person and other basic functions). Participants will also take part in an special trip to the National Park of “Lençóis Maranhenses”, elected as the first natural wonder of Brazil.




    During the entire Program, you will be assisted by Via Mundo's Inbound Team. In case of any emergency, participants may also reach us through our 24/7 emergency phone.

  • Application Process


    Interested candidates must talk to their school teachers or authorities who will then contact VIA MUNDO. Then, each one must fill out an Application Form. After receiving the Application Form, the Program team will review it, check for pending information and issue acceptance and placement letters.


    Visa Application


    Participants can most of the times enter the country with tourist visas. If Brazilian authorities require a temporary visa application, Via Mundo will issue the necessary documents for it and send them to participants in advance.


    School To School Exchange


    The foreign schools participating in the Program should be ready to welcome Brazilian students and teachers for an identical program in their countries.


    Not necessarily the Brazilian students and teachers who have hosted will be traveling abroad. At the same time, other students and teachers in the foreign country can also participate in the program and host the Brazilian participants.


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